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April 4, 2024

Exciting News: We're in Forbes!


Forbes interviewed CityPickle Co-founders Mary Cannon and Erica Desai who share insights on pickleball’s meteoric rise and CityPickle’s founding story. They dive into how the sport has become an urban phenomenon and the ethos behind our brand.

“With pickleball exploding all over the country, we saw an opportunity to create a brand that celebrates the sport while also catering to the busy lives of urban professionals combining bookable indoor courts with the added benefit of pre-game or post-game socializing at a full bar and café.”

In the interview, Mary and Erica explore pickleball’s positive impact on social connections and health, highlighting its evolution from a sport to a community lifestyle. The pair discuss the exciting prospects of destination pickleball. Pickleball retreats, anyone? 

Find out what’s in store for CityPickle and read the full article here.

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