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December 27, 2023

More Ways to Play at CityPickle

Fun - real fun - is essential to happiness. Kids know this, but adults often seem to forget. 2024 is time to PLAY - time to spark joy and make connections.

So put on your sneakers and put down your phone (after you've booked a class on our app.) See you on the court - smiling! 

Join us at CityPickle at our Long Island City, Queens and Industry City, Brooklyn locations for social and competitive fun. Organize with friends or book solo and make new ones!

CityPickle has you covered for all the ways you want to PLAY. 

Looking to join the pickleball craze and not sure where to begin? A private lesson will set you on the right path. Sign up with one of our certified coaches for a 1:1 session or bring your pickleball friends to level up your game together. Details here.

Open Play 

Mix with other players of similar levels at Open Play. We offer sessions geared towards beginners, intermediate, and advanced players as well as men’s, women’s and queer open plays. Register here!


Join a fast-paced game with six players and a coach. LiveBall is a fast-paced twist on the classic King of the Court. Get ready for continuous action, high reps, and a fantastic workout. Available at both locations here.


Focus on skills development with only four players on the court led by a CityPickle coach, available at both locations here:

Clinic Series

This three-week clinic series develops and builds foundational skills week-to-week. Sign up for our Advanced Beginner and Intermediate offerings, beginning January 14th in Industry City.

DUPR Round Robin Play

  • What’s Your DUPR?: DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating and is a widely used ranking system for leveled play. Don’t have a DUPR rating yet but curious? We’ll introduce you to DUPR and help you log your first matches. Join us on Thursday evenings in both Long Island City and Industry City. Create your free account in advance, here.
  • Join Intermediate DUPR Match Play with other intermediate players for competitive play and to refine your rating. (Suggested range 3.5-4.0)

Queer Pickle Programs: Read more about our partnership with Queer Pickleball here

Scramble Leagues: Our leagues are focused on a friendly, social, yet competitive experience.

Long Island City Leagues:

Industry City Leagues:

Special Events:

Theme Nights & Parties: Don’t miss these fun Open Play events. Stay tuned to CityPickle’s Instagram and newsletter to be in the know.

If your desired program is sold out, join the waitlist to be notified if a spot opens. Want advance booking access? Join as a CityPickle member for discounts, early booking options, contract courts, and more. Details here

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