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May 1, 2024

Experience the New JOOLA Gen 3 Paddles at CityPickle 


We're excited to announce that JOOLA, CityPickle’s official 2024 paddle partner, is revolutionizing the game with their Gen 3 paddles, available now in our CityPickle Pro Shops.

“It's great to partner with a company that is dedicated to advancing pickleball and enhancing player experience at all levels. My coaching team and I love playing with the new Gen 3 JOOLA paddles,” said Derek Sawer, Director of Pickleball at CityPickle. 

About the Gen 3 Paddles

The Gen 3 paddles have a colorful edge guard and "Propulsion Core" technology. This innovative core provides a "catapult effect," enhancing power for aggressive plays while ensuring precision for softer shots like dinks and drops.

Find a paddle that levels up your game. The Gen 3 lineup available at CityPickle includes: 

🏓Ben Johns Perseus (14mm + 16mm)

🏓Anna Bright Scorpeus (14mm)

🏓Collins Johns Scorpeus (16mm)

🏓Tyson McGuffin Magnus (14mm + 16mm)

🏓Ben Johns Hyperion (14mm + 16mm)

Try before you buy: All paddles are available to demo. 

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