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May 6, 2024

Co-founder Erica Desai on Building Community in Long Island City

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In a recent interview with The Queens Post, co-founder Erica Desai shared her enthusiasm about establishing our first permanent location in Long Island City (LIC) in 2023. Desai described being based in LIC as both fantastic and welcoming.  

“It’s so important for us to get to know the neighborhood and we really want to build a great community around Pickleball…CityPickle’s goal is to share the joy and community of pickleball with as many people as possible,” Desai told The Queens Post. 
Securing a permanent home in Long Island City (LIC) is a significant milestone in CityPickle’s commitment to this vibrant area. LIC's diverse mix of industrial, commercial, retail, technology, residential, and cultural sectors creates an ideal backdrop for our community building initiatives, as we forge meaningful connections with the neighborhood. 

At the 19th Annual Real Estate Breakfast hosted by Long Island City Partnership, Desai emphasized our ongoing efforts to boost local involvement and our dedication to making a positive impact in the community. 

Are you a LIC resident? Here are ways to get involved:

CityPickle is more than just a venue for pickleball: It’s a community hub, possibly beyour next favorite local spot for food and fun. We invite all LIC residents to join us in these exciting activities and become a part of our growing community –swing by and say hi!

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