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January 8, 2024

CityPickle rings in Wellness Week 2024 at NASDAQ


CityPickle was honored to join Athletech News in ringing the NASDAQ bell on January 4, 2024, the opening day of Wellness Week. 

It was inspiring to be included on the seven-story tall NASDAQ building in the heart of Times Square alongside other iconic brands in the fitness and wellness space, including Equinox, Life Time, SoulCyle, Rumble, Tracy Anderson, and more. 

We believe in the power of movement and community to improve lives. Pickleball remains our nation’s fastest growing sport thanks to its accessibility, inclusivity, and social nature. Our favorite pastime is making Americans healthier and happier everyday. 

Have yet to experience CityPickle? We invite you to enjoy our 50% off new player discount. See you on the court soon. Smiles guaranteed!

“It is time that the fitness and wellness industry have a serious seat at the table.” Athletech News founder Edward Hertzman at NASDAQ

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