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June 21, 2024

Barbour x CityPickle: Summer Way of Life Featuring Pickleball Coaches

Meet The Team

Barbour x CityPickle: Summer Way of Life featuring pickleball coaches 

What epitomizes the essence of summer better than a spirited game of pickleball? We chatted with coaches on site to uncover their summer essentials, pro tips and style must-haves.

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Meet Kaitlin 

Neighborhood you call home? Kips Bay (Manhattan)

How long have you been playing pickleball? I started playing about a year ago.

How long have you been coaching? I’ve been coaching pickleball since March, but I’ve been a tennis coach for four years.

Favorite pickleball shot? Backhand punch

When not on the pickleball, where can we find you? Walking the West Side Highway with coffee from The Elk, volunteering with the New York Junior League, teaching high school English, or practicing hot yoga

What are some tips you have for beginners who are new to racquet sports?  Don’t run before you can walk. Own the fundamentals before you try to master the cool shots and techniques you see on the court or on social media. 

Go-to-mantra on the court? If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!

Morning or night pickle? Night pickle – followed by celebratory margaritas

Meet Tiger 

Neighborhood you call home? South Jamaica, Queens

How long have you been playing pickleball? I have been playing pickleball for three years. I discovered pickleball after a long and diverse athletic history. As a teenager, I was a competitive basketball player on the AAU circuit. I then transitioned to tennis, where I was ranked nationally as a junior player. I turned professional at the age of 16. I then discovered my passion for coaching, and taught tennis for the next couple decades, before pivoting to pickleball in the last couple year.

How did you get started/first hear about pickleball? I first came across a video of people playing pickleball on Youtube. I could feel the excitement and engagement on the court in the video, and it made me eager to experience the game but also bring my family, as it’s much more accessible than tennis. The social aspect of the sport is second to none.

Favorite pickleball shot? Forehand drive.

When not on the pickleball, where can we find you? When I’m not teaching pickleball, you can find me enjoying sports podcasts and staying current on what’s happening in the wider world of athletics. I have a few vegan restaurants I like to frequent and I enjoy going to the gym and having adventures with my children.

What are some tips you have for beginners who are new to racquet sports? Be patient. Have an open mind to learning and you will see results.

Go-to-mantra on the court? Quick hands and happy feet put competition to sleep!

Morning or night pickle? I love pickleball anytime! The excitement of playing at night is a different type of rush; however, I’m a morning person myself.

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