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Our Story

Co-founders Erica and Mary have been friends for over a decade and first became partners on the tennis court. They independently fell in love with pickleball but together knew they wanted to share their passion for the sport.

Erica and Mary dreamed of a home for pickleball where all players — from newcomers to pros — feel welcome, connect, and have fun. Oh, and share some tacos and margaritas too.

Smiles guaranteed.

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CityPickle offers pickleball clinics for players of all levels to advance their game:

Introduction to PickleballAdvanced Beginner Clinic
Intermediate Clinc
LiveBallPrivate Lessons

Pickleball is meant to be a social game! Meet new players and enjoy a supportive but competitive atmosphere:

All-Level Open PlayAdvanced Beginner Open PlayIntermediate Open Play
Advanced Open PlayWomen's Open PlayMen's Open Play
How to Play Pickleball

Learn about pickleball with our coaching videos:

 Pickleball BasicsTwo Bounce Rule
Host Your Event at CityPickle

A pickleball event at CityPickle will bring smiles to any celebration, from birthday parties, family reunions, corporate outings and team-building sessions. Come play with us!

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Hudson Yards

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