Our Wollman Rink and Dilworth Park locations will be closed on Saturday 9/23 due to rain.
City Pickle



When are your new courts opening in Long Island City and Industry City?


The new locations will be opening soon. Follow our Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for updates!


Can I book in advance?


Yes! Court time can be booked up to one week in advance through CityPickle's booking portal.

When will more courts be available for booking?


We release full days on a daily rolling basis so players can always book up to one week in advance.

For example, on a Saturday at 12pm EST, all court bookings will open up for the following Saturday.

Can I just walk into a venue and play?


You may be able to, but we highly recommend booking in advance. Walk-in court time is subject to availability, and we cannot guarantee access.

Why can't I book a clinic or open play session for more than one person?


Clinics and Open Play sessions must be booked individually. Each participant must create an account on our app or at bookings.city-pickle.com and sign up for the session themselves.


How much does it cost to play?


CityPickle offers various pickleball programming options with the following applicable rates:

Court Reservations (up to 8 players):

$80 per court per hour (Off-Peak) / $120 per court per hour (Peak)

Cabana Court Reservations (up to 8 players):

$100 per court per hour (Off-Peak) / $150 per court per hour (Peak)

Open Play:

$42 per player per 90 minute session

Community Play:

$5 per player per hour (Free rental paddle included!)


$60 per player per 90 minute session

What are the peak and off-peak hours?


Off-peak hours are from 10am-5pm Monday through Thursday.

Peak hours are from 7am-10am and from 5pm-9pm Monday through Thursday and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Can I reserve a court for more than one hour?


You can absolutely reserve a court for consecutive hours if there is availability. Cabana Courts require a two-hour reservation from 5pm-7pm and 7pm-9pm.

How many people can play under one reservation?


Up to eight people can play on a reserved court. While four players are on the court, the other four can socialize on court-adjacent seating and enjoy our delicious food and drink.


Are rental paddles available?


You are welcome to bring your own, but we have you covered if you arrive sans paddle. Rental paddles are available for $6.

What do I wear?


Comfortable, athletic clothing and court sneakers with non-marking soles are musts. Personal flair is optional but appreciated.

Open Play

What is Open Play?


Think pick-up basketball but with more structure. We are currently offering Advanced Beginner Open Play with a suggested DUPR rating of 2.0-3.0.

  • Attendance capped at 5 players per court with one open play facilitator
  • Games played first to 11 or capped at 15 minutes
  • Winners stay and split for maximum of two games
  • 90 minute sessions

What is Community Play?


To ensure pickleball is accessible to all New Yorkers, CityPickle is reserving three courts daily from 12pm-2pm for Community Play.

Participation of all levels is encouraged - level of play is totally open.

  • Attendance capped at 8 players per court
  • Players rotate on and off court in 15-minute intervals
  • Each player guaranteed 30 minutes of play
  • Free paddle rental available at check-in
  • 60 minute sessions
  • $5 per session


Are private lessons available?


Private lessons with our exceptional coaching staff will be starting some time in July! Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up.

How do the clinics work?


Group clinics are offered at three levels: Intro to Pickleball, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate. These sessions are capped to a maximum of four players per court, ensuring quality reps and a high-end learning experience.

Are paddles provided in the clinics?


Paddles are available for rental for $6, or you are free to bring your own!


How do the cabanas at Wollman Rink work?


The cabanas are a great place to take a breather in the shade or enjoy some of our top-notch food!

There are two different types of cabanas at Wollman Rink:

1. Court Cabanas - There are six Court Cabanas; one each adjacent to Court 6, Court 10, Court 11, Court 12, Court 13, and Court 14. If you book a Cabana Court, you get access to both the court and associated cabana for the following pricing:

Off-peak price: $100/hour

Peak price: $150/hour

2. Patio Cabanas - There are three Patio Cabanas along the rink entryway. These can be reserved at any time in one-hour increments online or via the CityPickle app. There is NO court access included with a Patio Cabana. Patio Cabanas cost $30/hour.

Is food available in the cabanas?


The cabanas are a perfect place to snack in between games!

Each cabana has a QR code for mobile ordering.

Once your food is ready, you will be notified that your food is available for pickup at the concession stand.

What are Cabana Parties?


The perfect way to pickleball & party! Cabana Parties offer private use of a court and adjacent cabana, where players can enjoy pickleball and hang out in their own private lounge, enjoying food and drinks between matches.

  • Two hour time slots
  • Each booking includes one court and one cabana
  • One host books for their group
  • Up to 8 players allowed per group
  • 4 complimentary paddle rentals

Food & Drinks to be ordered from QR code within the cabana upon arrival. Additional $150 food & beverage minimum per cabana party reservation to be paid on-site.

*Must be 21 to drink alcohol: required to show your ID and receive a wristband at check-in.


What is DUPR?


Dynamic Universal PickleballRating is the most accurate and only global rating system in Pickleball. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.000-8.000 based on their match results. Read more on the DUPR website.

Skill Level

How do ratings work?


Pickleball has a rating system similar to tennis to help players find good competition and even matchups. The ratings are as follows:

Novice - 2.000 to 2.999

Intermediate - 3.000 to 3.999

Advanced - 4.000 to 4.999

Pro - 5.000 to 8.000

Players can set their rating in the Profile section of their app.

Is it okay if I don't have a rating?


Absolutely! Open Play will enforce rating parameters to ensure fair play and great competition. But you do not need a rating to partake in Clinics, Community Play, or regular court reservations.

I have never played pickleball, should I still come?


Definitely! Pickleball is for everyone and is easy to pick up. Our 101 clinic is a great way to start!

Group Outings

Can I book a group outing or private event at Wollman Rink?


We would love to host your next group outing or private event at Wollman Rink.

If interested, please fill out Group Outing form HERE.

CityPickle App

How can I change my age, rating, etc.?


You can update your personal information by clicking on the menu button in the top right hand corner, then "Profile", and then the edit button next to your name.


What CityPickle locations are currently open?


Our Wollman Rink location is open from April 7th through October 12th.

Our Union Square location is open from June 15th through August 3rd, only on Thursdays.

Our first permanent location in Long Island City is set to open later this year.

Stay tuned for more information on future locations and other potential pop-ups!


What is your cancellation policy?


Cancellations for inclement weather will result in a full refund back to your credit card. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your refund.

Similarly, cancellations before 24 hours prior to your reservation time will be fully refunded back to your card.

Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled start time are subject to a full charge.

Do I need to sign a waiver to play?


Yes. Each player must sign a waiver prior to playing for the first time at CityPickle. We recommend creating an online account and completing your waiver before you arrive. This can be done at bookings.city-pickle.com or in the CityPickle app, which is available in both the Apple and Google app stores.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?


Outside food and drink is not allowed and will be strictly enforced. We have an amazing food and beverage offering to satisfy all of your cravings.